The wine route in Uruguay

winery UrguguayThe wine route is a group of Uruguayan family wineries that unite efforts to invite lovers of the grape, lovers and the general public to learn about the culture of wine; so that originates Los Caminos del Vino, a project of the Association of Wine Tourism of Uruguay.
With the help of the protagonists of the activity, carry the family vocation and commitment to each winery, Los Caminos del Vino opens the doors of their cellars and Uruguayan vineyards to the world, to share the mysteries of the grape and the making wine as a complete sensory experience.
Through guided tours, tastings, lunches and events, we invite you to know the options of each winery, participate in activities and enjoy the cuisine and the wine tourism experience offered by Los Caminos del Vino.
We wait to share a drink and learn more about the culture of wine, its mysteries and pleasures.
The Wine Roads works to promote wine tourism as a segment featuring experiential and sensory visit. Our goal is to offer visitors added value through the transmission of history, culture and the mysteries of wine, drink that much has to do with how to be Uruguayan.
Just as we care to make our wines, wine tourism is an option permeated affection and professionalism that requires the development of the best fine wines.
The Association of Wine Tourism Uruguay - Los Caminos del Vino is composed of the following wineries, located in the departments of Montevideo, Canelones, Maldonado and Rivera:

Spinoglio Winery - Wine Land

The southern region of Blade Pereyra is considered one of the best land with a high aptitude for viticulture.
There is installed in 1960 - assuming the establishment initiated by Don José in 1898 Campomar Spinoglio-the family, with three generations of his background rooted in the vine and wine with origins in Casale Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy.
Today the fourth generation of the family continues Spinoglio with the same passion and respect for this LAND WINES assuming the holy old inherited sign: Patience and Conscience
We invite you to discover our Wine Country” where you can enjoy with all your senses our facility and take a guided tour of the vineyard, the winery, the cellar, our boutique wine and also taste the new wine line Tierra Alta

Artesana winery

Artisan is a winery that began in 2010 to produce only fine wines of very high quality in the region of Las Brujas, cannelloni; one of the best known wine regions of Uruguay. The vineyard consists only where the Tannat grape varieties is the main variety followed by Merlot and Zinfandel, the latter being the first and only in Uruguay. Our main work is in the vineyard, for the grapes to achieve maximum expression of terroir in Las Brujas. In winemaking always respect the different plots and with minimal intervention let the grape express. Our small-scale production, 24 thousand bottles per year (maximum production 48,000 bottles) allows us to strive for excellence in our products.
In 2012 we opened our doors to the public for the restless and curious to know so we could start writing our story with you. Artisan offers guided tours of the vineyard and winery accompanied by our winemakers tasting our wines Tannat, Merlot and Zinfandel Tannat views either on our terrace like a picnic in the shade of our native forest; also offer themed lunches and workshops for small groups.


Prepare your senses to discover the world Juanico. Only 35 minutes from downtown Montevideo, we suggest you visit the Uruguayan winery winning more in the world, with one of the oldest cellars in Latin America, built by Francisco Juanico in 1830, starting a tradition that wine today, the family has steered Deicas everyone.

You can meet with constructions made by the Guarani Indians, learn about crops, varieties and secrets of wine, and of course feel nature at its best.

It is a different proposition, an adventure that you and your family will enjoy and remember.

Bodega Toscanini

For over a century we transmit a tradition from generation to generation: that great wines are born of incessant care and patient of our grapes.

The winery Juan Toscanini e Hijos SA opens its doors to visitors and businesses offering guided by our vineyards, tastings, breakfast, lunch and dinner visits.
A quiet place to relax and enjoy with us our park passion: wine.

Bodega Castillo Viejo

La Bodega Castillo Viejo was founded in 1927 by the Etcheverry family, who for more than 80 years remain their owners.
The quality of its wines Cata Mayor has positioned among the major exporting wineries in Uruguay.
In his underground cellar, in an atmosphere of natural freshness and mystique, visitors can enjoy the best wine the winery accompanied by a typical and healthy gastronomic.
The owners are very cordial with visitors providing their knowledge and experience in this ancient art of Qatar and appreciate the excellence of the wine.
The vineyard and winery in Cerro Chapeu Carrau is located 10kms east of the city of Rivera national bi -Livramento, you get to this winery crossing several milestones on the road Dividing Line separating Uruguay from Brazil on the Blade Santana, making this tour an unforgettable scenic drive. A unique place to more than 300 m. above the sea, where we meet the highest vineyards of Uruguay, surrounded by flat hills typical of this department in the north. Soils are sandy, well-drained red and are ideal for vines. From this region come our most prominent and world renowned wines.

In 1997 was built in this vineyard, one of the most innovative wineries in South America, where the best oenological technologies are developed in harmony with the environment, within a hill, allowing minimal handling of musts based on gravity.

His house, surrounded by a large terrace overlooking the vineyards receives visitors generating a unique atmosphere for tasting our wines.

An amazing place to enjoy the countryside, the vineyard, the winery and a good wine with friends.

Vinos Finos H Stagnari

The Cellar Fine Wines H Stagnari offers tours, tastings and lunch by reservation. This is a family winery that has been professionalized and today is synonymous with excellence for the high quality of its wines, because they are made ​​with care and personal dedication of its owner, the winemaker Héctor Stagnari.

In his short career, this winery has managed to win only two titles of World Champion Red Wines of Uruguay, with wines Dayman” and “Dynasty”, in addition to winning the Tannat wine more of the world: “Tanta Viejo, you can enjoy your visit to our house.
I hope to share experiences and enjoy every moment.
Winds Vineyard, founded in 1998 by Paul Fallabrino, is a young and innovative winery Uruguay.

With limited production of wine in all its lines and wines made outside of the common techniques, highlighting each of their products have unique features.

The marketing of most wines is outside the United States being its main market.
In the cellar you can perform different types of visits and tastings in its “KITCHEN IN BODEGAwhere the gastronomy and a natural and peaceful atmosphere combined.
For lunch, dinner, events must be coordinated in advance.

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