Tours in Atlantida, Uruguay

Beaches in Atlántida

AtlantidaThe beaches are the star of tourism in Atlantida. For its stunning natural beauty, its excellent infrastructure and proximity to Montevideo, Atlantida beaches are among the most crowded in the summer, especially on weekends, when thousands of swimmers come to spend the day by the sea. The spa has a very long coastline with a gentle area and another brava, which opens a panorama of activities for everyone.

Mansa Beach Atlantida

Mansa is the most central and family beach Atlantida, located in the western part of the resort. The waters are calm and very safe, perfect for small children. Sports have an important place in the Playa Mansa, tennis volleyball and soccer on the sand improvised and jet skis or banana boat at sea.
Entire families visiting the Playa Mansa summer evenings. The wooded area along the sand gives good shade and is used as a picnic area. There is also a nice parador (Terrazas de la Barca) with music and fine dining throughout the day.

 Atlantida Playa Brava

At this spa, from a rocky point, is the Playa Brava. Less crowded than Mansa, offers great waves for those who want to start surfing and a more rugged and quiet for those looking for more relaxing environment. Surfers arrive throughout the year drawing the first peaks of eastern Uruguay.

 Eden Rock Beach

The preferred Fishermans Beach is Eden Rock, and there fishing is located Lisa Stone, famous for its huge croakers. For intense fishing, this beach is a great place to buy fresh fish. Some anglers choose to cross by boat to the islet of the Siren, another formidable place to fish.

Hot air balloon rides: flying over Atlantida

Fans of adventure (and incredible panoramas) can not miss the hot air balloon rides offered by Magic Fly. It is a novel approach that captivates the most intrepid, but with all the necessary security measures for the maximum enjoyment of the flight.

The ballooning company Magic Fly

The balloon carries up to two passengers on a journey of about an hour, led by a skilled pilot. The launch takes place in the area Sharpening stones, but if passengers request can agree on a special tour. The arrival point always depends on the direction of flight, and the company is responsible for the corresponding transportation between two points. One brindas at landfall is usually done.
The beach area can not fly, but the journey offers spectacular scenery spotting the Solís Chico Creek, the Lake of the Swans and South Atlantida, areas of great natural appeal.
In high season, flights are offered daily, if weather conditions permit (not fly in rain, storm or high winds). One early in the morning and late in the afternoon: two daily trips are made.
Besides flight adrenaline, Magic Fly offers its passengers the opportunity to participate and learn about the activities related to the maintenance of the balloons. The pilot is always willing to didactic and interactive brindarcharlas where he shares his knowledge of the art of flying.
Flying no special physical condition is not necessary. The railing of the balloon is 1.10 meters, so to enjoy the ride must clear that height. Children should always travel with a responsible adult. The cost of the trip is $ 550 (two passengers).
It is necessary to coordinate the flight to phone 4372 2397 or 099 370.

Spanish Course in Atlantida

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