The top tour and beaches of Atlantida.

Atlantida UruguayThe beaches are the star of tourism in Atlantis. For its stunning natural beauty, its excellent infrastructure and proximity to Montevideo, Atlantis beaches are among the most crowded in the summer, especially on weekends, when thousands of swimmers come to spend the day by the sea. The spa has a very long coastline with a gentle area and another brava, which opens a panorama of activities for everyone.

Mansa Beach Atlantis

The Mansa is the most central of Atlantis family beach, located on the west side of the spa. The waters are calm and very safe, perfect for small children. Sports have an important place in the Playa Mansa, tennis and volleyball impromptu football on the sand and banana boat or jet skis in the sea.
Entire families visiting the Playa Mansa summer evenings. The wooded area along the sand gives good shade and is used as a picnic area. There is also a nice parador (Terrazas de la Barca) with music and fine dining throughout the day.

Atlantis Playa Brava

At this spa, from a rocky point, is the Playa Brava. Less crowded than Mansa, offers great waves for those who want to start surfing and a more rugged and quiet to those looking for more relaxing environment. Surfers arrive throughout the year drawing the first peaks of eastern Uruguay.

Eden Rock Beach

The preferred Fishermans Beach is Eden Rock, and there fishing is located Lisa Stone, famous for its huge croakers. By intense fishing, this beach is an excellent place to buy fresh fish. Some anglers choose to cross by boat to the islet of the Siren, another formidable place to fish.

The Aguila in Villa Argentina

The unique monument The Eagle is one of the icons of Atlantis, but in reality it is located two kilometers from the resort, Villa Argentina. By its strange shape and mysterious story, this construction is a mandatory check point of any tour Atlantis. It is located right on the ocean, and from within a beautiful coastal view is obtained.

A visit to the Aguila

What everyone knows as “The Eagle” was built in 1945 under the name Chimera”. Its owner was the legendary Natalio Michelizzi, the great promoter of the spa, also responsible for the Hotel Palace. The design and construction were made by Juan Torres, who raised the house completely handmade. The windows of the room were the “eyes” of the eagle, a gazebo today visited by scores of tourists daily.
Several legends make it even more interesting to visit the Eagle. Some say it was a hideout for smugglers, while others say there Michelizzi hid an alchemist laboratory. For others, the Chimera was used as a chapel and even that was a Nazi shelter during World War II. No one knows for sure what was its original purpose. The truth is that the mystique of the place continues to captivate its visitors.
You can enter the Eagle between 9 and 19:30 during summer and between 9 and 18 in winter. It is accessed through the kilometer 43 of the Interbalnearia Road.

Atlantida Casino

Atlantis Casino is one of his classic entertainment proposals. Casinos owned by the State, the room is equipped with games and amenities of international standard, recognized throughout the country for its quality.
Tourists from across the Gold Coast to come to night fun at the Atlantis Casino, soon to be annexed to a luxury hotel whose construction has already been approved. The casino is located on Calle 1 between 22 and City of Montevideo, in the heart of the city. You may contact us by telephone 4372 2027.

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