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Travel and General Information: Montevideo, Uruguay

Spanish Courses in MontevideoMontevideo, the capital  city of Uruguay, is the largest city in the country. It is situated on the east bank of the river ‘Rio de la Plata’. It is a metropolis founded in 1726 that preserves its Spanish colonial heritage, as witnessed  in its architecture.  Montevideo’s historic district stands out for tourists and Uruguayans alike –  it was built on a peninsula near the port and is marked by the monumental  and beautiful Plaza Independencia. It is a great city for travelers, as there are a host of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, theaters, unique shops and cheap accommodation deals.

The main avenue, called July 18, ends on Independence Square. To the east of the square is the commercial center of the city and west lies the historical district. In front of the Plaza Independencia is the Palacio Salvo that when it was built in 1927 was the highest in South America, and even today is one of the highest in the city. Other attractions include Montevideo’s Cabildo, in neoclassical architectural style, the National History Museum and the Museo del Gaucho and Currency, as well as the shopping area east of the old town in the lively Port Market. Montevideo is a perfect location for a Spanish School like ours – contact us today and arrange the travel and language-learning experience of a lifetime!

Take Spanish Courses in Montevideo

Learn to speak Spanish in beautiful Montevideo!

Learn to speak Spanish in the beautiful Montevideo!

In Montevideo you’ll have the opportunity to speak our language at the same time that you enjoy an enriching cultural experience. Montevideo is pleasant and quiet, green and open to the sea. It offers a variety of cultural and recreational spaces, and its history and modernist architecture give it a unique charm. Together with the warmth of its people, the attractions of the city make it an ideal destination to learn Spanish. Montevideo is also a prime location because of its proximity to tourist sites on both land and sea, as well as its proximity to Buenos Aires. If you take Spanish courses with us at our Spanish School in Montevideo, you’ll not only be learning to speak Spanish, but you’ll also be able to explore this fun and beautiful city! Contact us today for more information about our Spanish courses in Montevideo!

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