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Spanish in Latin America

When Columbus arrived to what is now known as Latin America in 1492, the Spanish language was already well-established in the Peninsula. During the 15th and 16th centuries,  historical and linguistic occurrences helped form a structured, well-crafted Castilian dialect in Spain. Scholars like Nebrija also pursued the standardization of spelling and grammar and strengthening of the language.The Spanish came to America through successive voyages of Columbus and then through later waves of settlers seeking new opportunities in  Latin America. The influence of the Church was very important in the process of the spread of Spanish in Latin America as it did, especially through the Franciscans and Jesuits, an intense work of evangelization and education of indigenous children and youth from different villages by building schools and churches throughout the continent.

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The Spanish who came to colonize Latin America came from different regions of Spain, but  many were from Andalusia. This higher proportion of Andalusians, who settled mostly in the Caribbean and West Indies in the first years of the conquest, gave Latin American Spanish special features: the so-called Latin American andalucismo, manifested especially in the phonetic aspect. You may have heard people say that “real” Spanish is spoken in only in Spain but Spanish, like many languages, has mutated to adapt to the cultural reality of each Spanish-speaking country. In fact, Spanish in Spain is not the same Spanish that was spoken 500 years ago when the conquistadors arrived in America. With time and the changing environment, new words appear as a result of new realities. We believe that the diversity within the Spanish language is a positive thing, and allows us to explore  the cultural richness of Latin America.

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Candombe - a unique Latin American tradition !

Candombe – a unique Latin American and Uruguayan tradition !

At Spanish Uruguay, you’ll be learning Spanish in one of the safest and most interesting Latin American countries. We are dedicated not only to teaching Spanish language, but Latin American culture, literature, and history more broadly.  We provide our students with events and opportunities to explore culture: conferences, movie screenings, tours and visits to museums and monuments, school dinners and parties, a great excursion program for your weekends, extracurricular courses, sports activities, concerts, dances, and plays. We offer personalized and group courses, immersion programs, and more at the best prices! Contact us to enroll today!

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