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Travel and Discover South America

Travel and Learn Spanish in South America

Travel and Learn Spanish in South America

South America. A diverse terrain with millions of people, an immense amount of cultural diversity, cosmopolitan cities, an amazing history, and some of the most impressive natural landscapes in the whole world. A territory that, while it has a lot of differences, unites around a single language: Spanish. The best place to learn Spanish is naturally in a Spanish speaking country. Our Spanish school encourages you to study in the safest, most comfortable, and most fascinating South American country: Uruguay. We have schools in several Uruguayan locations so that you can study at a single location or split your course between several ones.

Spanish Uruguay and your South American Experience

learn spanish in uruguayAt Spanish Uruguay Spanish school, we are dedicated not only to ensuring an excellent language-learning experience but also ensuring an excellent travel experience, so that you can truly enjoy and learn from South America and all it has to offer. That’s why we offer a variety of tour and excursion programs that will take you to nearby countries and to other areas of Uruguay. We also offer a range of accommodations so that you’ll feel at home even in another country. You can do a homestay program and live with a host family, where you’ll be sure to practice and learn a lot of Spanish! All of our host families have been very carefully selected, and have been evaluated and reported on by our former students. They live in areas close to our school locations, so that you’ll always be in walking distance from your Spanish classes and in convenient, comfortable, and safe locations. Staying with an Uruguayan host family will help you practice Spanish and will be a very enriching cultural and linguistic experience.

We also offer a program in which you can rent an apartment or room during your stay in Uruguay. These comfortable accommodations are great if you need privacy, or are going to be accompanied by a spouse or family members. We offer the best prices and offer low-budget options for both tours and accommodations so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much money during your travels! Contact us today and find out how we can help you learn Spanish and have an amazing travel experience in South America!

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