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Take Spanish Courses by the lovely beaches of Atlantida

Take Spanish Courses by the lovely beaches of Atlantida

This small and peaceful city, situated on the coast of the river ‘Rio de la Plata,’ was founded in 1911. Some of the main attractions are the church built by Eladio Dieste of striking architecture. “The Eagle”, located in the resort Villa Argentina, west and adjacent to Atlantis, is also a main attraction: an enigmatic and attractive stone building that has given rise to many legends. Atlántida is home to two famous beaches, both surrounded by pine trees. These beaches are ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility, as well as for those who enjoy playing sports. They attract a large number of travelers every year, and are made up of fine white sand, with excellent infrastructure to meet the needs of visitors.

Learn Spanish in Atlántida

Learn spanish in atlantidaWhen you take courses at our Spanish school in Atlantida, Uruguay, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfortable and relaxing beaches while undertaking an immersion program in Spanish and learning to speak the language! You’ll be close to many other locations in Uruguay and in the region so that you can take weekend trips to the capital city, other great beach locations, and the country’s historical sites. Our Spanish School is located in the “country club” of this small city. The country club is a huge house that includes a large garden, sporting activities, and a swimming pool. You’ll be able to study in a truly relaxing, comfortable, and friendly environment. Contact us today to learn more about our Spanish courses and how you can learn to speak Spanish in the exquisite beach city of Atlántida, Uruguay.

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