Sol de Páez Vilaró on the promenade of Atlantida

Sol Paez Vilaró

Canelones launched its season and opened the Sol de Páez Vilaró on the promenade of Atlantida
In conjunction with the opening of the play “A sun to Atlantida” in homage to the great artist Carlos Páez Vilaró the launch of the summer season 2014-2015 the department of Canelones was performed.
The launch took place on the evening of December 16 in the Rambla of Atlantida, which was once dreamed by Carlos Páez Vilaró as the “Coast of the Sun” and where a space dedicated to the artist, including the installation of the work was inaugurated designed by his daughter, Agó Páez.

The discovery of the work was performed at sunset and marked a time of great excitement that was accompanied by thundering drums C 1080, parading troupe with the artist.

Every year 65 km of sun and sand of Canelones were prepared to be enjoyed by tourists. Attractive in all spas, cultural scene throughout the summer, water sports, clubs, concerts, theater, casino, services on beaches and fine wines, are only part of the proposals the Canarian coast offers.

The Director of Tourism Department Canaria Commune Susana Prats stated that in this time when people begin to plan your vacation “is when they start reaping the benefits of the work performed throughout the year” by the Chamber of Tourism of Canelones the Mall of Atlantida, other entrepreneurs who accompanied the planning of the Directorate of Tourism throughout the country and the region through various fairs.

Prats said that nothing beats the season launch “an Atlantida that has been renewed,” a project improvement micro-center with a pedestrian beautiful, with works on the Plaza de la Madre, giving access to the spa and thanks to the joint effort between government and the private sector will be as truly deserves.
“What better than to launch the season opening this space, this square of contemplation” A sun to Atlantida “as dreamed teacher Páez Vilaró we remember so fondly and so many opportunities for thought in this Rambla of Atlantida as” the Costanera sun “in this sun setting and dreamed we could realize a project which unfortunately could not do. (…) we had this tribute to Páez Vilaró, with much emotion we say that we are specifying. Finally we have the first cultural lighthouse Atlantida, “he said.
Asked about expectations for this summer season she noted that while some difficulties from Argentina tourism from the previous season, as will the expectations are good because it worked so well off.
“We bet much domestic tourism, we did a very good planning and rode departments. We bet that the season does not begin and end in January or February but can make a sustained and sustainable tourism throughout the year,” he said.
Finally the Director of Tourism Development of the Commune said the department is prepared to receive all tourists. “They are 65 miles of beach, many wineries to visit rural facilities. Canelones is extensive, diverse and has many proposals for visitors so the hope at all,” he said.

By using the word artist Agó Páez, daughter of Páez Vilaró and designer of the work said “I can only deeply thank the Government of Canelones, architects who made this project and all who made this tribute wonderful dad both dreamed and is now being reality. ”
Looking back the process of the work he commented that easily, that’s how things when they should be given, and in that regard highlighted the work of the company that met all the parts to build the sun.
“What touched me my was simply order the sun that was done Remember the teachings of my father three years taught me to paint the sun and told me I had to follow the sun. Then I realized that the sun had to follow my heart and I tell you all today: the sun we see today in the sculpture of my father, the sun we see in this sunset, comes to mean we have to follow our inner sun which is where the divine, energy, love, all we have to give and from that place shine is “, delivered with emotion.

Canelones: first destination of domestic tourism of Uruguay

For his part, Minister of Tourism and Sports LILIAM Kechichián stated that through the work of these years “Canelones department has increasingly become the top destination for domestic tourism of Uruguay” and in turn worked on a strategic plan looking new products and markets.

The realization of a dream

Finally took the floor to the Mayor of Canelones Marcos Carámbula who noted the excitement of launching the tourist season at the hands of this tribute to Carlos Paez Vilaró.
“We are pleased that the Gold Coast will join all that is the tourism of the country, plus all other products Canelones has, but really now one feels an enormous emotion that can specify one of many dreams, that great dreamer who was Carlos Páez Vilaró, dreamy further concretized that each project that drew after we saw in practice, which toured the world bringing our culture that synthesized in his painting candombe and many voices so characteristic of Uruguayans “he said.
Carámbula thanked the Ministry of Tourism, the team Canaria Commune and the extraordinary work of Gerdau Laisa SA and its workers that “put a lot of heart and great art” in this work.
“From today you are hosting a work that will be wonderful sunsets icon Atlantida. Health Atlantida and good season,” he concluded.

The work: “A sun to Atlantida”

The idea of this book was born of self Carlos Páez Vilaró who proposed to incorporate the Rambla of Atlantida their landscape designs. Unfortunately the project failed to materialize during his lifetime, but after his departure the Comuna Canaria decided to pay tribute and recognizing its initial proposal it was decided to design a public space in memory and an evocative sculpture.
Thus, the company contacted Gerdau Laisa SA to achieve donating iron plates for Paez Agó sculpture and for designing the same. The company promised so with the work that took ownership of the project and led the construction process of the part with the support of the sculpture workshop that account. It also provided throughout the implementation of commissioning work: iron armor for foundations and bases, moving the piece which weighs 20 Ton.- road traffic permits, cranes, trucks and commissioning work performed.
All this for free, disinterested, why the foot of the work the Administration placed a plaque thanking and acknowledging their work.

This support from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports who spent a money game for the refurbishment of Space Tribute to Carlos Paez Vilaró, providing paving, lighting and street furniture adds. For its part, the Government of Canelones carried out the design and execution of public space that houses the sun.

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