Atlantida Uruguay

Atlantida UruguayAtlantis is the largest resort on the Gold Coast , a number of spas in the department of Canelones. Located 45 kilometers from Montevideo and 95 kilometers from Punta del Este , is a favorite destination for Uruguayans, Argentines and many different provinces .
It is characterized by its tranquil beaches , where trees reach the beach. The city has several hotels , restaurants , pubs, a casino and outdoor amphitheater where various shows are developed, ensuring the satisfaction of older and younger during your stay.

El Aguila .

The Eagle , 3 kilometers of Atlantis, is the most famous construction of the River Plate coast . It owes its existence to the Neapolitan Michelizzi Natalio , and builder Uruguayan Juan Torres.
In August 1945 , Mr. Michelizzi , owner of a beach house asked Torres build her a niche to place a Madonna . Torres built too big a piece, and that led to Michelizzi allocate that space to read, paint and receive friends. And as a whim asked Torres who built on the piece an eagle, covered with stones that seem feathers.

Cristo obrero.

La Parroquia Cristo Obrero , located on Route 11 , four miles from Atlantis, is the work of Uruguayan Eladio Dieste ( Artigas, 1917 – Montevideo, 2000), which made ​​significant works using reinforced ceramic : buildings vaulted made ​​of brick , steel armor and a minimum of concrete .
Also known as the Church of Atlantis in 1952 had its projection year , and in 1958 completed its construction. Eladio Dieste , an engineer and architect at heart, has been one of the most important engineers of the twentieth century , as compared with famous Buckminster Fuller, Antonio Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava.

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